Our Personal Approach to Investing

Our History.  Our Paths.

 In 2010, Registered Principal Paul (Zeke) Bennett formed Vista Wealth Management -- a local, independent business that offers products and services through one of the world's most respected companies, Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network.  He wanted to create a business with a close-knit feel that also provides top-notch technology and a wide array of products and services through a highly-reputable corporation.  Registered Client Associate James Braun, who formerly worked with Paul at Carolina First Securities, and Marketing Associate Caroline Bennett, helped Paul build Vista Wealth Management-- which is still the only Columbia-based, privately-owned practice with the Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network.

With 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, Registered Principal Paul Bennett has been well-seasoned and has built a team that is committed to serving each customer with great care and guidance.

Our Investment Philosophy

At Vista Wealth Management, we believe in a long-term approach, as it relates to building successful relationships with our clients.  After spending time to get to know our clients, their current situations, and their hopes for the future, we design and implement a dynamic investment plan to help them reach their goals.  Through a comprehensive and disciplined approach to investing, we follow our investment philosophy that is founded on both a long-term strategic approach and tactical asset allocation discipline to help mitigate risk.  Then we make tactical adjustments as life circumstances dictate.  Having a defined and mutually understood investment plan is the key to reducing clients' emotions and temptations. 

Through Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network, our clients are provided with top-notch technology and other tools that help them stay apprised of their investments.  Our unique Envision® planning process helps us get to know our clients' specific needs and goals in order to create a tailored investment plan.  Then the clients can monitor their progress easily, and they'll always know where they stand.  In addition, our web site allows for clients to quickly access their accounts, stay up-to-date on trends and advice through our on-line links and articles, and monitor market conditions.  Our technology is advanced; however, we place as a highest priority our one-on-one, consistent contact with each and every client.  Our core philosophy involves both strategic and tactical disciplines with the objective of protecting the assets our clients have worked so hard to create.


*Envision® is a registered service mark of Wells Fargo & Company and used under license.